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What do you pay for?

The only money you will outlay when switching to Iceblue Water is the cost of hiring our advanced filtration system.

From around $9 per week you can have all the filtered water you desire!
But that’s not all!
As one of our valued clients we will also:
.“Personally” service and maintain the machine at no cost to you,
. Replace your filter free-of-charge every six months
. Regularly clean and sterilize or replace your bottle at no charge.
We’re committed to ensure you always have the highest quality filtered water possible.
If additional filter changes are required, these can be arranged at a minimal cost.

Massive savings to your business!

Existing “Springwater” customers:

If you are already buying spring water, then we don’t need to tell you about the benefits of having fresh drinking water in your workplace, but we can help you save money!
Using an Iceblue Water system, the more you drink, the more you will save!
The graph below indicates an approximation of how much you can save to your business.

Bottle per wk (springwater @ $10 per bottle plus cooler rental)
1 bottle/week
2 bottles/week
3 bottles/week
4 bottles/week
Yearly saving (by switching to Iceblue Water)
$ 297

Some of our clients have saved in excess of $6000 a year just by switching to an Iceblue Water system.
Imagine the savings to your business, especially in the hot summer months?
And remember our water is FREE so there is no need to ration or limit your supply.

New Customers:

If you don’t already have a water cooler then we can make the decision easy, by offering you a 7 day FREE trial. We are convinced you will love our water filter system as much as the other hundreds of customers who have become our loyal and valued clients.

The biggest benefit of Iceblue Water is that you don’t buy water – it is filtered straight from your tap!
So, you needn’t be worried about your staff or clients drinking your “precious” springwater any more! It’s FREE!
There’s no rationing required, and you can refill your bottle as often as you need.

* Price may vary in different regions